Wednesday, June 25, 2008

i-TFTD #133

i-TFTD #133

#133-1. Access to power must be confined to men who are not in love with it.

#133-2. Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.
-Oscar Wilde

#133-3. The ego problem is a result of a society that promotes exploitation. Being better than, prettier and smarter than, or richer than, at the expense of someone else, is an ego barrier. Only when a person confronts this problem, recognizes and admits where they are, will there be a possibility for constructive change.

-Thomas D. Willhite

Most of the political leaders who have faded away in disgrace, and the recent phenomenon of CEOs misusing their authority to save on insignificant expenditure, are examples of people who loved power and were unwilling to relinquish it.

Being oneself means being authentic, which leads to building credibility and trust. Books such as Authentic Leadership by Bill George highlight the emphasis for leaders to create a culture of trust. This, of course, presumes that one's true self does not have too many personality kinks that need to be fixed first.

Truly accepting oneself and one's current state is not easy. If it was, entire industries such as cosmetics and luxury fashion goods would vanish!

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