Tuesday, June 17, 2008

i-TFTD #129: Purposeful Growth

i-TFTD #129: Purposeful Growth

Interesting statements gleaned from John Maxwell's CD on Purposeful Growth

Most people settle for accidental growth. Consistently reaching higher levels requires purposeful growth.

Growth is change. Some things can only be learned with time. The closest shortcut (partial substitute) is to tap into the experience of successful mentors. The more I know, the more I realize what I need to know.

Experience is not the best teacher, evaluated experience is. Reflective thinking is needed for converting experience into insight.

Most folks spend more time every year in planning a two-week vacation than they spend planning their life.

Goal-consciousness is good but try to become more growth-conscious than goal-conscious. Goal-conscious people are exclusively destination-oriented. Growth-conscious people are primarily journey-oriented. Goal-conscious people tend to plateau more often and longer. Growth-conscious people use each destination as a milestone for re-energizing themselves for the onward journey with new goals.

I rarely re-read books or listen again to non-music CDs. A few weeks ago, when I heard this CD a second time, I gathered new ideas and thought I should transcribe some of it one day for i-TFTD. This morning I heard it a third time and simply felt like sharing whatever I remember. This is not an accurate transcription.

The above are profound and powerful statements. Any attempt at giving my interpretations here would take away from the rich layers of meaning each one of us can extract.

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