Wednesday, April 7, 2010

i-TFTD #269: From the Nitwittersphere

Having coined a word for the title of this i-TFTD, I feel compelled to explain and enlighten you of its origin.
Twittersphere, of course, is the total universe of Twitter users and their output in the form of tweets.
A nitwit is a stupid person. A nitwitter as per urban dictionary is a person who irritatingly discusses their twitting frequently. Someone else has defined nitwitter as a person who writes hopelessly incomprehensible Twitter posts.
So, my contribution to the blogosphere is nitwittersphere. Sorry. Will do better next time.
Unlike the above gobbledygook, tweets on Twitter can be useful, funny and thought-provoking. Here are three for this edition of i-TFTD.

269-1. @funnyoneliners: Today is the first day of the rest of the mess.

269-2. @michaelmelcher: Your inbox is not your to do list.

269-3. @r_ganesh: Doers are too busy to consult thinkers, who don't know or care to sell to doers or have action bias. Think I must do something!
____The first one is a variation of Today is the first day of the rest of your life. The second is about prioritization. Some people worry about not having time to prioritize and plunge into activity while some others agonize too long in synchronizing detailed to do lists in various gadgets! For both categories of folks, I recommend reading a short post at The third was my attempt to point out the irony in the artificial classification of people into thinkers and doers. I think we all do both though the degree and the domains may vary from time to time.

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