Monday, September 10, 2007

i-TFTD #56: Degrees of Positive Thinking

i-TFTD #56: Degrees of Positive Thinking

A man was washing his car. His neighbour asked, "New car?" The man replied, "Yes, my brother gave it to me as a gift."

The neighbour said, "Wow! I wish I had a car like that."

The man suggested, "You should wish to have a brother like that."

The neighbour's wife, who was overhearing all this, remarked, "I wish I was a brother like that!"

I believe all three are examples of positive thinking in increasing degrees. To wish, to aspire for something is good. Giving is a joy that is not as easily available as one might think. I have experienced cases when I wished to help someone but things just didn't work out. Then a different kind of situation with a different person arises and I have many excuses not to provide help! I am trying to make myself more open to spotting opportunities to be of help.

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