Friday, May 25, 2007

i-TFTD #15: The Law of Giving

i-TFTD #15: The Law of Giving

The Law of Giving
by Ernie West

When you give of yourself you will receive in return. And it pays the best dividends.

There is a universal Law of Giving which dictates that by giving you will receive. It defies all logic. The thinking mind cannot comprehend how this can be so because the two actions are in direct contradiction to each other.

It is a sort of paradox. Trying to figure it out could cause you to spin in circles. You get by giving? It sounds absurd.

Giving freely of yourself and your time, money, attention etc to others pays you the best return on your investment. Keeping things to yourself selfishly causes what you do have to remain the same or even to dwindle.

It almost takes an act of faith to understand why this is so. Our thinking minds will almost short circuit while attempting to decipher the concept.

Let me interchange "subconscious mind" and "heart" to make it easier to understand. Here is what I've come up with: the reason you receive by giving is because WHEN YOU GIVE, IT CHANGES *YOU*, IT CHANGES YOUR HEART!

And when you are transformed on the subconscious level, all kinds of unexpected things happen. People have been rewarded in all kinds of ways

when they gave. Relationships with people are a two-way street. When you plant good seeds in their life, they will reciprocate by planting good seeds in your life.

The tree that grows in *YOU* as a result produces more fruit, providing more seed for you to reinvest. It's an ongoing loop that grows, provided that you continue to plant.

There is a clincher, one that most are not willing to try out for long enough because they are not patient and want immediate results. The clincher is this: YOU MUST GIVE WILLINGLY AND WITH NO THOUGHT OF GETTING IN RETURN.

This ties in with planting good seeds in others. It must be done with no expectation for reward. And it must be done long term. Every day. Day after day. Selflessly. Cheerfully. With a great attitude. With a sincere desire to help others any way you can.

If your first thought is like mine was when I realized this, you are probably thinking, "Even if this did make sense, it's not fair! People will just take advantage of me. I don't want to just keep giving and giving, I want to get something in return!" We all must undergo the change of heart that happens as a result of adopting a giving attitude.

The return comes as a result of the hearts of other people responding to what they sense in you. Sure, some might take what you are offering and run, but so what? Who cares? For every person that does this there are many others who will give you a much greater return than what you invested in their lives. Give freely of yourself today!

I love articles that attempt to provide rational explanations to age-old beliefs. This ones combine logic and psychology to explain why a giving attitude actually helps us.


Sundar said...

nicely packaged...the outer world is reflection of the inner and inner world flowering is wrought about by so many things...i also perceive it as energy realms of is the fundamental energy of intent that makes all the difference..

RG said...

I guess people who have experienced this magical process are not at all surprised at this "law of giving", regardless of how we explain it. Give and Let Give, huh?