Thursday, August 25, 2011

i-TFTD #335: Managers Need to Be Strengths-Spotters

#335-1. People go to work to succeed, not to fail. It is the manager's job to understand people's strengths. Managers who strive to find the good in their people will achieve far more than managers who only find fault.
-Ed Sykes

#335-2. We can't make people better by trying to eliminate their weaknesses, but we can help then perform better by building on their strengths.
-Peter Drucker

#335-3. Self-mastery calls for thorough familiarity with one's mental and emotional strengths. And it calls for sustaining a commitment to personal growth - the understanding of what makes you tick as an individual - as well as personal development.
-Charles Garfield

Find your own talents, stren! gths and those of your team's. Organize work around use of these strengths.

Many i-TFTD posts have touched upon my favorite topic of ‘Strengths Approach’ such as this and this.


Rajeev said...

quite thought-provoking!
Wonder would you ever "tire"... leave out "retire" from this noble cause. thank you and keep inspiring!

RG said...

Thanks, Rajeev. God-willing/Inshallah this shall continue and grow. Right now it is more of a weekly mailer that gets dumped on to this site. Incidentally the feeling of tiredness rarely occurs when engaged in doing something you really enjoy.