Thursday, May 19, 2011

i-TFTD #320: Change. Innovate. Refine.

#320-1. The culture at Google and its link to the overall learning strategy has 4 main components: Innovation, Revenue, Culture and Employee Engagement continue to keep Googlers, "Googly".
-Erica Fox, Head of Global Learning Programs of GoogleEdu

#320-2. Leaders create modes of stability and change. The former instills safety to refine; the latter reduces complacency.
-John Maeda, Japanese-American graphic designer, computer scientist, university professor and author (1966-)

#320-3. All the great people I know have been in the trenches for much of their lives, and their inventory of bruises outnumber the commendations they have received. The occasional commendations stay on the wall. It is the bruises that these people carry with pride.
-Subroto! Bagchi, co-founder of Mindtree (1957-)

Innovation, the practical application of ideas by people (as opposed to invention and creativity), has moved from buzzword to a core competency for organizations and employees at all levels. Even if I perceive myself to not be an ‘ideas person’ (whatever that means), I can play one of many valuable roles in innovation. Ideas need developed, evaluated against relevant criteria, marketed internally/externally and implemented with the associated project planning.

Out of the box thinking is necessary in times of rapid change. Effective leaders create change situations to tap into the creative talent of teams.

Change and innovation implicitly carry the risk of setbacks. The inevitable roadblocks and uncertainties are splendid opportunities to learn and gain—and to innovate.

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