Friday, February 5, 2010

i-TFTD #251: On Leadership and Power

i-TFTD #251: On Leadership and Power

#251-1. Leadership is not a formal authority one exercises over others. It is about developing moral authority within oneself.
-Stephen Covey, quoted in Business Standard India, Jan 2009

#251-2. To use power wisely is the final test of leadership. Thus, the first rule in the game of power (or life) and, in fact, the only hard and fast rule in the entire game is: Power must be the servant; it must not be the master!
-Thomas D. Willhite

#251-3. We in the West are just beginning to understand what globalization really means. The old lament, "When I was young, things were tougher," is, in my opinion, no longer accurate. I say: "When I was young, things were easier!"
-Marshall Goldsmith in his AskTheCoach column on Harvard Business School site, Dec 2008

Power is misunderstood and misused. Then it becomes an intoxicant. It provides a heady feeling for a short while with dangerous consequences later. When one wields it as one holds a new hammer—with respect for its efficacy and as a tool to achieve an intended effect—it is a great aid.

Change feels complex and difficult to those who resist it. Adaptable people perceive new opportunities and enjoy the process of figuring them out. Scaling up and maturing into a higher leadership role can also be seen as a change process.

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