Monday, August 10, 2009

i-TFTD #210

i-TFTD #210

#210-1. The grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence. Fences have nothing to do with it. The grass is greenest where it is watered.
-Robert Fulghum

2. Your friend is the man who knows all about you, and still likes you.
-Elbert Hubbard

3. Your reputation is in the hands of others. That's what a reputation is. You can't control that. The only thing you can control is your character.
-Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

The first and the third could be related. Focusing on our actions is a better bet than worrying about how we are perceived. Similarly, focusing on watering our current pasture is more productive than jumping to various other greener-looking ones. I crave for another role or title or job that looks attractive but meanwhile I miss opportunities to do well in my current one. My neighbour's gadget or car seems to have cool features but regular maintenance of my earlier version might give me better comfort and utility value.

In all these dilemmas of life, a true friend is one who connects with our real self, with whom we feel no pressure to pretend about anything.

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