Friday, July 25, 2008

i-TFTD #144: Learning from the Dictionary (reprise)

Some interesting words from, all avoidable behaviour.

Buggin's turn (BUG-inz turn) noun: Assignment to a position based on seniority or rotation, instead of merit. Also Buggins's turn

misoneism (mis-uh-NEE-izm) noun: A hatred or fear of change or innovation

catachresis (kat-uh-KREE-sis) noun: The misuse of words

Many liked 
i-TFTD #18: Learning from the Dictionary hence this reprise (return to a theme).

I hope I am not indulging in catachresis when I say that we should not encourage promotions based on Buggin's turn, and misoneism should be one of the disqualifying criteria for senior leadership roles. 

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