Thursday, April 5, 2007

i-TFTD #4

From J. Krishnamurthi's writings:
We only talk of freedom from something -- freedom from fear, freedom from anxiety, freedom from this or that. Is there a freedom which is not from anything but freedom per se, in itself? Or is true freedom non-existence of thought?

From a blurb in an AIM matchbox:
A logical thinking mind is a nice contrast to the real world.

RG's Observation:
Learning can happen anywhere, any time, from any source.

I have found this about any of J Krishnamurthi's books: I can never read beyond two pages! Remember that I normally devour books even on the most abstract subjects at one go. It is not that his writing is boring or difficult to read. It just makes you think! And within the first few paragraphs, one's mind starts pondering over what he says. Very few people can get you so deep so quickly using simple words.

Whoever thought of putting interesting quotes on a 50 paise (about ten cents) match box? If you think logically about it, it is perfectly logical for the real world to offer a contrast to pure logic.

Anyone who doubts the possibility of learning from unexpected sources is advised to take a cab (regular taxi or a three-wheeler autorickshaw) in Bombay and chat up with the driver. From economics to philosophy to tips on savings and investment, you can gather brilliant nuggets. Probably true of most big cities like New York, London and Tokyo.

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